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Luxury Connect 2017: In Pictures

With so many incredible inspiring moments that happened throughout last year's Luxury Connect event in Beverly Hills to choose from, here's a small selection of some of our favorites.

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How to cold call the right way in real estate

Cold calling is a scary prospect for a lot of people, even for good salespeople who spend a lot of time on the phone. The reason for this is simple: Talking to unsuspecting strangers on the phone sucks. Here's how to overcome fear and successfully cold call.

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Dear Marketing Mastermind: Developing your brand through content marketing

“Know thyself” is the great philosophical maxim, and it's the foundation of all great marketing. I reached out to Stacey Cohen for the three questions she answers again and again from clients to help you begin thinking about your brand. Here are her expert insights into personal branding and how it can help you grow your business.

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